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Cisterne GRA.PAR, una squadra affidabile per un trasporto sicuro e veloce

Tanks built to withstand time: our passion for design, construction, and repair

Riparazione di cisterne per liquidi

Cisterne GRA.PAR. was founded in 1993.

Since then, our company has continued to operate with passion and expertise in the industrial vehicle sector, specializing in the design, construction, and repair of tanks for the transportation of both food and non-food liquids. Our main prerogative lies in the meticulous attention to every detail, aiming to create high-quality tanks that fully meet the specific needs of each individual customer. Thanks to our thorough focus on finishing, we are able to offer customized solutions, ensuring reliability and safety for long-term use.

Sempre più eco-friendly

Thanks to our constant attention to the environment, at GRA.PAR. Tanks, we dedicate particular care to research and development of increasingly eco-friendly and eco-compatible solutions. This commitment translates into the choice of cutting-edge materials, such as stainless steel, which allows us to create lightweight and versatile products without compromising on strength and reliability.

Every stage of tank production, from design to finishing, is carefully monitored and developed according to strict quality specifications. Indeed, every structural detail and component undergoes multiple tests and inspections as part of our commitment to user safety and environmental protection.

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