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The GRAPAR SRL, situated in Modugno – BARI (ITALY) works since most of twenty years in the field of tank construction in stainless steel for the liquid food and dangerous liquid transport.

In addition to the experience of its founders, we make use of thirty highly skilled workers.

What differentiates us from the other tanks constructors is the big finishing and the attention of every little detail, the choose of the advanced materials, the continuous introduction of innovative production processes, the big passion that every day we use to realize a product most near to the needs of the customer, combining lightweight versatility and sophisticated style.

Research and the aesthetic of the GRAPAR tank not disregard, however, its strength and functionality with careful control of all structural components, and the subjection to different tests.

Now firmly around for several years in the most demanding European markets aided by the construction of a coating isothermal able to give to the GRA.PAR. tank the possibility to work in the controlled temperature even in countries with extreme temperatures, we aim to strengthen even more our presence in the Italian market with the increase in our customer base.

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